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multihead weigher working principal


multihead weigher

multihead weigher packaging machine

A multihead weigher is an automated weighing and metering equipment widely used in the food and chemical industries. Its working principle is as follows:

Dispensing period

Products ready for weighing are dispensed among multiple hoppers, each corresponding to an electronic weigher, which serves as the core component of the weighing system.

monitoring the weight

The weigher measures the weight of the products, generating an electrical signal that is directly proportional to the weight.

signals processing

Signals from each weigher are transmitted to the central control system for further processing.

central control system

the central control system consolidate the weight information from all the individual hoppers and process the signals, the system will calculate a combination closed to the target total weight based on the preset parameters and algorithms. 

filling products

The control system will open the discharge gates of the corresponding hoppers that form the combination. All the products will then be transferred to the next processing stage, such as the bowl conveyor or a packaging machine.

cycling the process

all the above steps will be repeated periodically to maintain high productivity. the system will continuously monitors and adjusts to ensure that every filling of the combination meet the preset target weight.

The multihead weigher features high precision and efficiency, making it ideal for large-scale weighing and packaging in production scenarios. Its operational principle involves an intelligent control system and multiple collaborative hoppers to achieve fast and accurate weighing tasks.