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industrial vacuum packing machines

No bag restrictions, cost-effective, suitable for various textured bags, including single-sided textured, double-sided textured, and mesh-patterned bags. With folded corners on both sides, suitable for various folded corner bags such as rice brick bags, tea bags, accordion bags, etc. Bags with smooth surfaces and no folds or textures, providing a flat surface without any patterns. The same operation applies to the above.
Product Features

Copper core industrial pump with a long lifespan, resistant to overloading, and an enlarged copper core transformer for stable machine operation. The vacuum pump is a crucial component, with larger pressure resulting in greater air extraction.

Brand new intelligent design, easy operation, and a clear control panel for quick and efficient use. The high level of automation ensures automatic vacuuming and sealing.

Increased space for multiple consecutive seals, improving efficiency and addressing the issue of handling large quantities.

Universal for dry/wet/soft/powder, suitable for vacuum packaging various types of products.

Other specifications and parameters
Power of pump1.8KW
Heat-sealing power1.17KW
Lowest absolute pressure0.1Kpa
Volume of vacuum case628*620*160 mm
Sealing strip size600×10mm
Number of heater1 or 2 pcs
Exhaustment of vacuum pump40m3/h
material of vacuum case and hullStainless steel
Dimension760*690*960 mm
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