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beverage spout pouch filling machine

This beverage filling machine is designed for automatic filling and sealing of stand-up pouches, including both heat sealing and lock sealing of caps. It is suitable for packaging beverages, yogurt, jelly, laundry detergent, and various seasoning products such as soy sauce and vinegar. The machine operates automatically, with manual bag placement, and completes the entire technical process, including filling, cap falling, capping, and bag discharging. Constructed with a combination of steel and stainless steel, this machine boasts a simple structure and easy operation. We can customize the machine according to the specific requirements of our customers.
Product Features

The beverage filling capping machine includes manual bag placement, automatic filling, automatic cap arranging, automatic cap placing, automatic capping, finished product discharge, and no bag no filling device. This machine ensures accurate quantification, thorough cleaning, tight cap sealing, and reliable quality. The entire machine combines pneumatic, mechanical transmission, and electrical control. The automatic cap placing is efficient and stable. The parts in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel, ensuring product hygiene, and the machine is bright and tidy. The machine has a reasonable structure, advanced performance, and is novel and practical. It can be customized according to customer requirements.

  • PLC touchscreen, intelligent control, easily switchable between Chinese/English and other languages for convenient and flexible operation.
  • Manual bag placement, customized based on customer's bag size and thickness. Simply input empty bags in batches into the machine for automated and hands-free bag feeding. Depending on the specific lid size of the customer, a dedicated vibrating tray is used to ensure the lids come out in an orderly manner for automatic lid placement.
  • Automatic filling, dual-head filling, automatic cap placement and capping, utilizing piston filling (optional) suitable for liquid/paste filling, precise quantification, and no dripping.
  • Automatic cap arranging plate, capable of organizing disorderly lids and automatically delivering them to the lid placer for automatic capping.
  • Finished product exit, customized conveyor belt exit available according to requirements. For more information, please contact customer service. Customization is also available based on customer requests.

Other specifications and parameters
filling volume50- 500mL ( customizable )
filling speed1000- 1500 pouches/ hour
power load220- 380V/50Hz (2Kw)
air pressure0.6- 0.8Mpa
machine dimensions1580× 800× 1620mm
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