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How is the weighing of granular items done on a packaging machine


If the packaged material consists of uniformly sized particles, using a volumetric cup can be a cost-effective packaging solution. It has a lower cost, simple machine structure, and convenient maintenance and operation. Additionally, when dealing with uniformly sized particles in large quantities, it can achieve a relatively high precision in packaging weight.

Suppose the product to be packaged is a free-flowing food desiccant, and the requirement is to achieve a weight of 5 grams per packaging bag. You can pre-measure the volume of 5 grams using a volumetric cup, for example, 10mL. Our engineers can then equip your packaging machine with the appropriate volumetric cup, leaving enough adjustment range. You only need to rotate the handle on the machine to adjust the volume within a certain range around 10mL to achieve the desired weighing of 5 grams per bag. In addition to the handle adjusting the contraction and expansion of the volumetric cup, multiple cups can be nested together. Each cup has a certain thickness of the cup wall. Taking out or fitting in a cup also changes the internal volume of the cup, thereby changing the volume of the filled material the desiccant. In the volumetric cup feeder inside the packaging machine, there is usually a scraper that scrapes the filling material into the cup. When each cup rotates over the bag, the machine controls the bottom plate of the cup to open, and the material falls into the bag by gravity, entering the packaging process.

Clearly, relying on the force of gravity to introduce the material into the bag determines that the material needs to have good fluidity. If it sticks to the inner wall of the cup and does not fall into the bag, the packaging process cannot be completed smoothly. Therefore, the physical properties of the material are crucial. Sometimes, we also install a blowing device. When the volumetric cup rotates above the feeding bag, the food packaging machine control center activates the blowing function to impact the material and make it fall into the bag. The method of blowing is designed for materials that do not easily disperse. If the particles are extremely fine and prone to dust, it is advisable to disable this function. The following diagram illustrates a volumetric cup feeder equipped with a blowing device.