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vacuum packing machine desktop type vacuum packaging machine for food commercial price

For vacuum and inert gas packaging of various food products such as meat processing, pickled products, seafood, marine product processing, vegetable processing, agricultural and sideline product processing, dried fruits, grains, soy products, medicinal herbs, electronics, and chemicals, etc., in granular, powdered, liquid forms, etc. This method can prevent oxidation, mold, and decay, as well as moisture, extending the storage period of the products.
Product Features

The desktop vacuum packaging machine only needs to press the cycle switch to complete the entire process of vacuum extraction, inflation (optional), sealing, printing, cooling, and exhaust according to the set program. Items after vacuum packaging or inflation can prevent oxidation, mold, insect damage, and moisture to extend the product's shelf life.

Other specifications and parameters

DZ-400/2F(Desktop Type)
Vacuum pump power
0.9 kw
Sealing power
0.6 kw
Absolute pressure
Number of sealing strips
2*1pc Sealing strip size
Sealing strip size
Vacuum chamber material
Stainless Steel 304
Vacuum pump
Vacuum chamber size
Machine size
Machine weight

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