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vacuum food packaging machine

Food-grade aluminum alloy mold with 6061 anodized process, corrosion-resistant, pressure-resistant, impact-resistant; pressure impact testing shows no deformation, no rust, ensuring food safety, and extending the machine's lifespan.
Product Features

High-end machinery with fewer buttons and higher integration for easy and convenient operation; equipped with a high-integration intelligent control system for convenient operation.

Solid Sealing: Firm sealing, ensuring a leak-proof seal.

Extended Freshness: Vacuum and nitrogen filling for extended freshness.

304 Stainless Steel Body: Food-grade aluminum mold, corrosion-resistant, pressure-resistant, and deformation-resistant.

Well-Known Brand Components: Stable operation, electrical safety protection, and multiple safety measures.

Stable Performance: Improves maintenance and repair efficiency with automatic adjustment.

Fault Prompt Function: Enhances maintenance and repair efficiency.

Suitable for a Variety of Products: Preservation, quality, color, and flavor retention, restoring the essence of the product.

Ideal for supermarkets, stores, frozen meat suppliers, fruit and vegetable suppliers, seafood suppliers, restaurant chains, and braised meat and cooked food enterprises.

Other specifications and parameters
Maximum width of rolled film280
Maximum diameter of rolled film220
Packing speed5-63-4 bag/min
voltage220v 50hz single phase
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