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vacuum packaging on plastic tray for meat poultry seafood chicken crawfish beef steak sausages

Versatile and suitable for various occasions, including supermarkets, meat and seafood processing plants, vegetables, fresh fruits, pastries, dairy products, etc., for fresh packaging.
Product Features

Tool-free mold replacement, advanced mold replacement structure that requires no tools, and changing a set of molds only takes 3 minutes.

Closed-box design ensures food hygiene and effectively prevents internal equipment damage due to rodents causing wire breakage.

Unique sliding rail block design prevents the lower mold from falling, improving production safety and reducing production accidents.

Precision film feeding system, easy and convenient installation and removal of the heat-sealing film, accurate film feeding, and aesthetically pleasing sealing.

PTFE hot plate heats evenly and prevents film sticking.

Stainless steel body made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Anodized aluminum mold, resistant to pressure and impact.

Other specifications and parameters

Machine size
single 220v 50hz

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