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package machine sauce bag filling

The sauce package machine primarily consists of three main components: a rotor pump filling system, the core unit of the fully automatic packaging machine, and an inclined belt for product output.
Product Features
sauce package machine

Main machine features

  • Suitable for the automatic metering packaging of liquids and viscous materials. Examples include fillings, sauces, pastes, colloids, fats, etc. 
  • Incorporating high-reliability electrical and pneumatic components to ensure long-term reliable operation of the entire machine
  • The horizontal sealing and cutting knife share the same workstation, enhancing packaging efficiency.
  • Utilizing the extrusion exhaust method, achieving air-free packaging without the need for a vacuum pump, especially suitable for packaging viscous materials.
  • Featuring a user-friendly touchscreen interface for easy and intuitive operation. 
  • Self-checking design prompts proactive alerts when maintenance or servicing is required. 
  • Capable of high-temperature packaging of materials to prevent secondary pollution, improving efficiency, and reducing production costs. 
  • Can be combined with various filling systems such as rotary pumps, piston pumps, sine pumps, gear pumps, screw pumps, etc., to accommodate a wide range of product packaging needs.
Other specifications and parameters
Model Num. QC1030
Bag dimensionsL200-600mm W150-300mm
Packing speed5-15bags/min
Bag weight1000-6000g
Air supply0.6Mpa, 0.3m³ /min
Power supplyAC380V, three phase, 50-60HZ, 3KW
Power load1.5Kw+1.5Kw
Machine weight650Kg
Machine dimensions1500×800×1550mm
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