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flow wrap pack machine for hotel wet towels

Suitable for high-speed pillow packaging of various-shaped candies and solid blocks, including square, spherical, circular, cylindrical, button-shaped, oval-shaped candies.
Product Features

Microcomputer automatic control, large touchscreen human-machine interface for convenient and quick parameter setting.

Candy automatic sorting, high production efficiency.

Servo motor continuous compensation, one-step bag length setting, saving time and film, packaging is sealed and aesthetically pleasing.

Other specifications and parameters
Model Num KD-350 fully automatic flow wrap machine
film material &specification various PP heat sealable film, laminated film, coated film, aluminum foil film, aluminum plastic composite film
Machine dimension 4600*850*1500
Packing speed 60-220bags/min
Max package sizes L330mm, W150mm, H50mm
Min filling stuff L50mm, W10mm, H5mm
Rated voltage & power load AC220v.2.7KW
Compressed air pressure 0.5-0.7(Mpa0
Air consumption >0.36(m3/h)
Noise (dB) low noise.60-70dB
Machine Weight 650Kg
Motor frequency regulation 0-50Hz
Auto processing auto printing
Industry standard GMP
Quality certification ISO9001:2000 CE
Warranty 1Year
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