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commercial vacuum packing

Safety self-check, automatic display of error codes, automatic vacuum counting, and clear packaging quantity for easy reference. Addressing user pain points, the fourth generation microcomputer board has been developed, where corresponding blocks automatically display error codes when issues arise, facilitating easy troubleshooting. The addition of the vacuum counting function is a more user-friendly setting designed for an enhanced user experience. Safety self-check, code display, vacuum counting function, touchscreen control, prominent panel, convenient operation, and a painted metal texture panel.
Product Features

The vacuum pump achieves the required vacuum level for food preservation when the pumping rate reaches 20L/min, a level that cannot be attained even with additional 2L small pumps! High vacuum, suitable for dry/wet/oil/powder, with an oversized motor, thick coil, and extended lifespan. Large pump head, strong suction, excellent vacuum effect, ensuring quality and quantity. A 500ml large oil tank provides ample oil volume, improving efficiency and prolonging the service life. A large-diameter cooling fan effectively dissipates heat, ensuring stable operation. A large-diameter intake pipe ensures quick and efficient air suction. The use of a filter effectively blocks water vapor in the air, significantly extending the lifespan.

A four-in-one vacuum preservation system for dry/wet/oil/powder, versatile for various complex scenarios, handling all types of meat, cooked meat, vegetables, fish and seafood, dried goods, and legumes, as well as tea.

It is compatible with a wide range of bags, including custom bags, aluminum foil bags, kraft paper bags, glossy bags, textured bags, and foil paper bags.

Other specifications and parameters
Voltage220V/50HZ or 380V 50HZ
Power of pump0.9kw
Gas sourceextra connect
Sealing strip size880mm
Exhasustment of vacuum pump20m3/h
Material of vacuum case and hull304ss
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