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vacuum packing machine

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) replaces the gas inside the package with fresh-keeping gases, commonly using nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. Nitrogen is mainly for products like cured dishes and ready-to-eat foods without active cells, while mixed gases are suitable for fresh fruits and vegetables with active respiratory cells. The goal is to achieve freshness while preserving color, flavor, quality, and shape. Additionally, it inhibits bacterial growth, ensuring hygiene and freshness. Conventional vacuum packaging machines, on the other hand, create a negative pressure to evacuate the gas inside the package, reaching a state close to a vacuum. This method helps preserve the quality of the packaging by reducing the product's contact with air and inhibiting bacterial growth. However, after vacuum sealing, the product adheres closely to the vacuum bag, potentially causing deformation and only preserving the quality without extended freshness. Modified Atmosphere Packaging is mainly suitable for products with high freshness, appearance, and hygiene requirements, while conventional vacuum machines are suitable for products with lower requirements that only need simple quality preservation.
Product Features

Easy to handle in various occasions, suitable for multiple locations. Quick sealing without leakage, suitable for sealing fresh fruits and vegetables, pastries and cakes, cooked food, dry goods, fast food takeout, and food processing plants. Pneumatic self-suction film, aligns and smoothens the film; ensures a smooth and beautiful seal; reduces manpower and material resources; simple operating steps. The sealing cylinder has good corrosion resistance and low startup pressure. Simple operation interface, sensitive induction; stable program operation, long lifespan; clear temperature display. Food-grade mold made of pure aluminum material, with high corrosion resistance and stability. 304 stainless steel features corrosion resistance, sturdiness, and durability, ensuring stable operation under various conditions. Can be equipped with automatic cup falling, filling, rechecking, metal checking, coding, and spraying devices. Rapid heating, uniform mold heating ensures a strong and tight seal.

Other specifications and parameters
Production capacity500-800 pcs/hour
Operating temperature0-300 ℃
Machine size700*920*1560mm
Sealing size 20*14cm ,18*12cm,14*14cm (Accept OEM)
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