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flow pack machine for carrot packing in pillow style bag

Suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, beverages, hardware, chemicals, daily necessities, etc.
Product Features

Diverse Packaging: Suitable for diverse packaging, one set of equipment can handle packaging for products of different sizes.

Human-Machine Interface: Large touchscreen panel for easy operation.

Memory Menu: Can memorize and store multiple sets of packaging product settings, allowing for quick product switching without wasting time.

Mis-Cut Protection: Prevents mis-cuts to avoid damage and waste of products.

Material-less Standby: In automatic detection mode, the machine automatically enters standby mode when there is no material, preventing the generation of empty bags and minimizing material waste.

Fault Troubleshooting: Automatic fault troubleshooting to reduce time consumption.

Servo Automatic Sensing Feeding: Bag length is set and cut instantly without the need for idle running, saving time and film.

High-Sensitivity Photoelectric Eye Color Mark Tracking: Digital input of the sealing knife position for more accurate sealing.

Independent PID Temperature Control: Better suited for various packaging materials.

All Controls Implemented by Software: Convenient for function adjustment and technological upgrades.

Other specifications and parameters
Model Num KD-260 fully automatic flow wrap machine
packaging material and sizes pp heat sealable, laminated structural film coated paper, aluminum foil film, aluminum plastic composite film 0.03-0.06mm
Machine dimensions 4100*950*1500
Packing speed 40-250bags/min
Bag length 60-200mm
Bag width 25-100mm
Bag height 5-45mm
Rated voltage, power load AC220v.2.4KW
compressed air pressure 0.5-0.7(Mpa0
air consumption >0.36(m3/h)
Noise (dB) low noise.60-70dB
Machine weight 650Kg
Motor frequency  0-50Hz
automatic control auto printing
industry standard GMP
Quality certification ISO9001:2000 CE
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