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powder filling machine small packing

This powder filling machine boasts advanced full-computer touchscreen operation with a user-friendly human-machine interface, ensuring simplicity and convenience in usage. It can automatically execute bag making, metering, filling, inflation, sealing, cutting, counting, and coding. Furthermore, it can be tailored to incorporate hole punching and meet other specific customer requirements.
Product Features
  • Mechanical driven system, ease of operation and maintenance
  • PLC and Colored touch screen, bag length and packing speed can be set on touch screen and saved as recipe for applications, Bag countering, Jog operation is also available
  • Optionally integrated with an auto in-feeding system, and this system can actuate by an interval or after specified amount bags are produced.
  • Can be set to alert after specified amount of bags are produced
  • When no in-feeding material, the machine will stop, the machine can also be set to stop after a certain amount of bags are produced
  • No film will stop packing
  • Separate sealing jaw temperature controller
  • Emergency shutdown control.
  • Photocell for film tracking, accurate in bag length locating.
  • Servo driven motor for film transporting.
  • Durable and compact frame construction
  • All material contact parts are stainless steel.
  • Automatic forming, metering, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and printing.
  • Suitable for packing a variety range of powders from free flowing to non flow powders 
  • equipped with a vibrator 
Other specifications and parameters
Model NumberF300
Bag length mm50-300
Bag width70-190
File width160-380
Capacity mL100-500
Packing speed (bags/min)20-30
Power load1.8
Air pressure0.8Mpa
Air consumption100L/min
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