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Automatic thermoforming continuous stretch film vacuum packaging machine skin vacuum packing machine

The fully automatic continuous stretch vacuum packaging machine involves the bottom film being heated, stretched, and molded. The packaged item is placed into the formed lower film cavity, which can be filled manually or mechanically. The upper film seals the package, and it enters the heat-sealing vacuum chamber to evacuate air (or inflate) from the packaging item. The upper and lower films are then heat-sealed to create the packaging bag. Batch and production date information can be printed. After the horizontal and vertical cutting process, the packaged items are separated to form the final packaged product. The trimmed edges can be collected and cleaned by a material suction barrel or a winding device. The entire packaging process, including the output of the finished product, is completed in one continuous cycle automatically, with simple operation. This significantly reduces labor, increases production efficiency, and is characterized by time and labor savings, achieving automated production.
Product Features

Japanese Mitsubishi push-pull color screen, Japanese Mitsubishi computer control, Japanese Mitsubishi servo system control, endow the equipment with extremely high communication expansion capability and response speed.

Italian Regina chain from Italy, imported chain from Italy, tight bite force, not easy to loosen.

Imported assembly waste recycling system, equipped with an automatic corner recycling system for imported assembled waste, protecting the operating environment's cleanliness.

Aluminum-magnesium alloy plate structure, the entire machine adopts a 20mm thick aluminum-magnesium alloy integral plate structure, with guide rails and wall panels being integrally extruded, ensuring stable quality to guarantee that the film does not deviate.

Imported photoelectric tracking system, optional color film or transparent film for packaging to ensure the correct positioning of the pattern. Reduces costs and enhances product grades.

Original German imported vacuum pump, original German (BUSCH) environmentally friendly high vacuum degree, environmentally friendly large vacuum pump, high vacuum degree, stable quality, durable and reliable.

Other specifications and parameters
Production speed30-400bags/min
Bag packing typeFour edge-sealing
Package product size(L)5-400mm(W)5-300mm(H)1-60mm
Film width calculation formulaAccording to the mold
Bag length calculation formulaAccording to the mold
Width of packing film≤435mm
Outer diameter of packaging film≤400mm
Packaging film materialPE PE composite PET
Air pressure6Mpa
Machine operating height930mm
Total power14.5KW
Voltage380V 50/60HZ Three phase
Size (L x W x H)6520x1060x1720mm
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