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flow pack packaging machine

This series of packaging machines is suitable for packaging various regular-shaped objects, such as biscuits, instant noodles, snow cakes, egg tarts, chocolates, bread, instant noodles, mooncakes, medicines, daily necessities, industrial parts, paper boxes, or trays, etc.
Product Features

Dual frequency inverter control, bag length can be set and cut instantly without the need for adjustment in idle running, one-step in place, saving time and film.

Human-machine interface for convenient and quick parameter setting.

Fault self-diagnosis function, clear fault display.

High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, digital input for sealing and cutting position, making the cutting position more accurate.

Temperature-independent PID control, better suited for various packaging materials.

Positioning shutdown function, non-stick knife, no wasted film.

Simple transmission system for more reliable operation, easier maintenance.

All controls implemented by software, facilitating function adjustments and technological upgrades."

Other specifications and parameters
Model KD-260B
Max film width 260mm
Max packing speed40-220bags/min
Film thickness 0.02-0.06mm
Bag length 80-200mm
Bag width 25-110mm
Bag height 5-45mm
Power load 2.4Kw 220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions(LHW) 4100 x 900 x1500mm
Weight 550KG 
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