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premade pouch automatic food packing machine

Automatic food packaging machine can package liquids, semi-liquids, sauces, powders, granules, solids, etc., such as fermented black beans, tomato sauce, hot pot sauces, small dried fish, pickled vegetables, candies, peanuts, melon seeds, green peas, pistachios, rock sugar, bean curd, granulated sugar, monosodium glutamate, seeds, nuts, candied fruits, puffed snacks, biscuits, and more.
Product Features
  • Quickly change the specifications of the packaging bag, with automatic adjustment of bag width.
  • Single-axis drive with internal cam design, ensuring fast packaging speed, more stable operation, simpler maintenance, and reduced defect rate.
  • Modular heating with precise temperature control, and heating faults can be alerted.
  • Advanced design concepts reduce packaging material wastage, ensuring equipment stability and prolonging operational lifespan.
  • Easy and convenient operation with an advanced PLC+HMI (touchscreen) electrical control system and user-friendly interface.
  • The machine has a wide packaging range, capable of packaging various materials such as liquids, sauces, granules, and solids. Different metering devices can be used based on the specific material.
  • The machine uses pre-made packaging bags, resulting in perfect packaging patterns and high-quality sealing, thereby enhancing product quality and grade.
  • Its key feature is the replacement of manual packaging with machinery, achieving automation in product packaging production for businesses, improving production efficiency, and significantly reducing product costs. It effectively minimizes material pollution in the packaging process, ensuring good and aesthetically pleasing sealed products, making it suitable for large-scale automation in food product packaging.

Other specifications and parameters
bag typesBag Types: Stand-up pouch, handle bag, zipper bag, four-side sealed bag, three-side sealed bag, bag with lid, paper bag, and other composite bags.
Bag SizeBag width: 70-210mm, Bag length: 80-350mm.
Packaging Speed25-35 bags/minute.
Packaging Accuracy≤(±1.5~25%)
Filling Volume150-750g
Total Power3.2Kw
Machine Weight1500Kg
overall Dimensions2200× 1620× 1500mm

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