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flow wrap packing machine for packing fruits in boxes

Food industry, Medical supplies industry, Bottle industry, Hardware industry, Daily necessities industry, Vegetable industry.
Product Features

Simplified Touch Screen Control Panel, convenient and practical.

Copper-block heating for the center seal, heat-press center seal, independent PID temperature control, tight sealing, excellent sealing effect.

Roll film paper-feeding structure, coordinated film-pulling with linked film axis, adaptable to various packaging films, adjustable tension for smooth film rolling.

Adjustable actuator for stable forming, easy adjustment and operation. Can meet the customization needs of diverse products, ensuring automated operation points."

Other specifications and parameters

Packing speed
packet sizes
Length:100-300mm W:35-160mm H:5-50mm
Machine dimensions
Power supply
220V 50H
Power load
Machine weight
Film typelaminated structural film such as OPP/PE,OPP/CPP
Film width

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