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Stationary vacuum packing machines DZ700

Dual-purpose for molding and packaging. Turning off the shaping function allows it to be used as a regular vacuum packaging machine for vacuum packaging items such as rice bricks, cooked food, vegetables, fruits, and seafood.
Product Features

Simple and understandable intelligent operation, using high-quality electronic components to effectively ensure the reliability of the vacuum machine's operation and avoid unnecessary operational failures. The vacuum chamber is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel with a thickness of 3 millimeters, ensuring durability and resistance to deformation under high pressure. Suitable for dry, wet, oil, and powder applications, with options for five kilograms or ten kilograms for multiple purposes. The vacuum pump is the heart of the machine, providing strong vacuum pressure and leaving no residue with a powerful 20L vacuum pump, a crucial core component not to be overlooked. The cover is made of thickened organic glass with a thickness of 4 centimeters, providing strong resistance to pressure and deformation, supporting long-term and prolonged use. One-key quick stop/start switch for instant stopping. Quality electromagnetic valve with quality certification, durable and reliable.

Other specifications and parameters

Power supply
Packaging speed
Displacement of vacuum pump
Seal dimensions
Vacuum pump power
structure material 
outer size

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