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automatic bottle filling line equipment

The bottle filling line can be equipped with an automatic cap-clicking machine, cap-screwing machine, and labeling machine.
Product Features
bottle filling line

The touchscreen control panel allows for convenient parameter adjustments. The bottle filling line enables filling within a specified range, and visualized work data assists in achieving more accurate filling.

There are various measurement methods available, with multi-head weighing offering high precision, fast discharging speed, and convenient parameter adjustment with a wide range span. The measurement method can be determined based on different materials.

The photocell design is used to detect bottles, preventing loss or wastage. No bottle detection results in no filling, reducing production errors.

Equipped with a conveyor belt, this machine can automatically rotate bottles and can be used in conjunction with capping machines and labeling machines to achieve automated production, significantly improving your work efficiency.

The servo motor ensures stable and fast machine operation, making it suitable for filling both pastes and liquids

Other specifications and parameters
filler heads1maximum filling weight6500g
production speed1200 bottles/hourpower supply220V
weighing device14headsweighing accuracy0.1-1.5g
driven motorstep motorpreset settings99

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