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flow wrap machine

flow wrap machine is ideal for packaging irregular shape items such as biscuits, cookies, soaps etc.
Product Features
flow wrap machine

This flow wrap machine is suitable for a variety of vegetables including potatoes, Chinese cabbage, carrots, cilantro, string beans, Chinese yams,  white radishes turnip, oilseeds rape romaine, lettuce, chives, water spinach, scallions shallot, celery, onion, ginger, garlic, leeks, sponge gourd, bitter gourd, cucumbers, pumpkins, chili peppers, tomatoes, and corn.

  • Equipped with a positioning shutdown function to effectively prevent film scalding during machine downtime.
  • The sensing anti-cutting material function effectively eliminates the issue of material misalignment during cutting, ensuring a high packaging yield. The use of bidirectional tracking enhances tracking accuracy, guarantees cutting precision, and prevents waste of packaging materials.
  • The product parameter memory function allows for easy and quick adjustments when switching to different packaging products, with a user-friendly touch screen interface for one-touch changes. This simplifies and streamlines the operation for workers.
  • The fully automatic vegetable packaging machine initiates startup upon sensing incoming materials and halts operation in the absence of materials. It prevents instances of empty packaging and ensures precise end-sealing by detecting and correcting material misalignment and deviation.
  • Wide packaging range, with the ability to handle multiple product specifications on a single machine, resulting in cost savings for the enterprise
  • Automatic shutdown when detecting the depletion of packaging consumables
  • No need for eccentricity adjustment, as the system automatically recognizes and adjusts eccentric parameters
Other specifications and parameters
Packaged item dimensions range  L: 50-900 W: 80-230mm H: 30-150mm
Packing speed 10-45(bags\min) (varies with packed item length and material)
Machine dimensions L70000mm W1003mm H1670mm
Belt sizes item feeding belt: 5000 ×240mm  broad side feeding belt (2pc) L2600 ×90mm reciprocating belt: L1000mm×250mm output belt L600 ×250mm item loading area depth: 90mm
Belt material & thickness food-grade ware resistant and easy to clean PU thickness 1.8×1.2
Sheet metal SUS304#2.0,cases 8mm45#steel+2mmSUS304#
Support frame material SUS304#2.0
Packing speed in meters 5meters (low)-15m(high)/min, variable frequency drive
Max film width 680mm
Machine weight 900KG
Power load & voltage 220VAC\50Hz 3.0KW
Film thickness 25-60um
Applicable film type Bopp/pe、Cpp/pe、 Cpp/PA、BOPP、CPP frog resistant film or  heat sealable film
Film rolls 2rolls at the same time
horizontal sealing electric regulation height 150
Film roll diameter 320mm
Wasted film collection unit 6-12mm diameter wasted films will be collected into bin to prevent them from being packed in final products
Four station reciprocating hole punch device
Fast hole-punching speed, high efficiency, and the punching speed is synchronized with the packaging process to prevent tearing caused by film pulling during punching. Four holes are punched at intervals of 60mm, with hole diameters ranging from 6-12mm. For packaging Chinese cabbage, 10-12 breathable holes can be punched.
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