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shrink wrap machine

The industrial shrink wrap machine, also referred to as a plastic wrapping machine, employs heat generated by electric heating tubes to contract BOPP film or polyethylene film around products, creating a tidy and protective wrapping package.
Product Features
Shrink wrap machine

This heat shrink wrap machine is ideal for packaging in industries such as software, ceramics, beverages, hardware and more.

  • Fully enclosed packaging.
  • Automatically feed film, make bags, seal, cut, collect waste, flatten, shrink and package the finished product in one seamless process.
  • Constant temperature, high grade aluminum alloy sealing blade, non-stick, precision sealing, no scorching, smoke-free, zero pollution.
  • After cutting through the package, the cutting machine will automatically rebound.
  • Package dimensions can be freely adjusted without the need to replace the molds
  • The conveyor belt is composed of tubes covered with a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) insulation layer, preventing heat generation and minimizing the risk of damaging the film.
  • Shrinking chamber utilizes dual-circulation hot air system, enabling a free temperature regulation.
Other specifications and parameters
Sealing cutting method L type fully enclosed
Power supply 380V/50-60Hz/3phase
Max packing speed 35bags/min
Bag height ≤125mm
Bag width ≤350mm
Bag dimensions H+L≤400mm    L+H≤480mm
Film type POFfoled film
Max film roll 530mm(width)×280mm(outer diameter)
Power load 1.5kW
Workstation height 780-850mm
Air pressure ≤0.5MPa(5 bar)
Sealing cutting system Constant temperature, free of smoke and odorless
Construction material Carbon steel
Weight 300kg
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