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chocolate-coated ice cream bar production line ice lolly frozen dairy bar dipped ice cream bar manufacturing line

ice cream bar production line manufacturer provides the full solution for you to start the business of ice cream production in the food industry.
Product Features

This machine is a continuous ice cream freezer. The freezer blends ambient air into the ice cream mixture to achieve the desired expansion rate. As the ice cream becomes colder, the mixture is continuously stirred and transported through a stainless steel tube

ice cream bar production line features:

  • Air Filtering System: The air will be purified to ensure clarity.
  • Pump: Transports the ice cream material into the cylinder.
  • Air Flow Controller: Adjusts the airflow rate into the material for ice cream.
  • Cylinder with Blade and Agitator: The air and ice cream material will be uniformly mixed in the cylinder, promoting ice cream expansion.
  • Refrigeration System: Connects to the exterior of the cylinder to facilitate cooling.
  • Electric System: Controls all operations. All the aforementioned components will be installed on a sturdy, well-suited stainless steel frame.
ice cream bar production line

the ice cream bar production line Includes one set of vertical extruder station and cutting (with one vertical ice cream mold included), one set of stick insertion stations, one set of hammer station, and one set of washing system for trays with cleaning brush and motor.

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