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Fanpo Offering packing machines capable of addressing the challenges posed by a wide range of industries. Regardless of whether your product is dusty, sticky, heavy, or wet, we have the right machine to cater to your requirements. We can customize conveyors, cartoners, and fillers to precisely match your needs, providing a comprehensive and integrated packaging solution.
transformable bench foldable collapsible outdoor dining table for picnic
dried fruits nuts granule packing machine
This granule packaging machine is ideal for granular items packaging and is applicable for various products, including seeds, grains, fertilizers, spices, tea, fried goods, and electronic or hardware components.
premade pouch automatic food packing machine
Automatic food packaging machine can package liquids, semi-liquids, sauces, powders, granules, solids, etc., such as fermented black beans, tomato sauce, hot pot sauces, small dried fish, pickled vegetables, candies, peanuts, melon seeds, green peas, pistachios, rock sugar, bean curd, granulated sugar, monosodium glutamate, seeds, nuts, candied fruits, puffed snacks, biscuits, and more.
Fanpo Technology Co., Ltd. represents an innovative technology enterprise that encompasses design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, and comprehensive service. Our core expertise lies in the inventive application of technology, specifically in the domain of intelligent bag-making and packaging machinery tailored for composite film, PE film, and specialty roll films (such as heat-sealable EVA rubber film, eco-friendly film, water-soluble film, and more). Our proficiency extends to the realms of weighing, filling, and packaging, addressing a wide spectrum of packaging requirements, which include soft bags, bottles, cans, boxes, and custom-shaped packages. We are steadfast in our commitment to maintaining a positive, open, and inclusive approach, offering tailored solutions to meet the diverse and evolving needs of our valued clientele.
Different industries come with varying requirements and challenges, whether it's production speed, packaging materials, the chemical properties of the packaged products, or even the constraints of facility size. Transportation and installation considerations are also key factors. We specialize in tailoring packaging machinery to meet the specific needs of our customers, addressing unique issues in various scenarios. Here, we can listen to our customers share their experiences and insights gained through their collaboration with Fanpo.
packaging machine for 2050g ice cubes
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packing machine produce triplet bag for granules, liquids
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food packaging machine for Thick cheese produce air free bag
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We have consistently maintained three key advantages that have enabled us to secure more opportunities: 1. Swift responsiveness in addressing inquiries, ensuring a rapid turnaround in every quotation. 2. Competitive pricing that aligns with market standards, offering our clients value for their investment. 3. A dedicated quality assurance department, along with robust technical support, ensures that we meet and exceed our customers' expectations in terms of product quality and support. As the societal landscape evolves and customer demands continue to grow, we remain committed to expanding our offerings. Our focus on innovative, advanced equipment production enables us to meet the ever-expanding needs of society across various packaging domains.
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Whether your packaging requirements are at the cutting edge or follow more conventional standards, Fanpo has the solution. Are you seeking to enhance ROI in your production and packaging operations? We can demonstrate the way through automation. Moreover, if you're in the process of upgrading your existing machinery or have a clear vision of your needs, our top-quality equipment offers a flexible solution that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements
packing machines for Small Hardware and Electronic Components
Applied to the packaging of electronic components, hardware parts, automotive components, powder metallurgy products, petroleum equipment parts, aerospace materials, military materials, precision components, and other metal products. The rust-proof self-sealing bag (anti-rust sealing bag) incorporates a zipper-type sealing strip in the manufacturing process, making the sealing of the rust-proof bag simple and convenient. The rust-proof self-sealing bag (anti-rust sealing bag) uses a relatively sturdy sealing strip material to ensure that the bag maintains good sealing properties even after multiple uses. Additionally, the packaging material used also has anti-static requirements. Proper packaging can protect products, reduce damage and wear, and enhance the product's image and value. Packaging materials should possess a certain level of toughness and resistance to pressure, ensuring that products are shielded from external impacts and compression. Common packaging materials include foam plastic, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and more.
pouch filling machine for raisins
food packaging machine for granules
chocolate-coated ice cream bar production line ice lolly frozen dairy bar dipped ice cream bar manufacturing line
Automatic Packing machines for Fresh Produce
In the packaging process of fresh vegetables and fruits, it's essential to consider their vulnerability to damage and the need for hygiene, while also making them suitable for shelf display. With Fanpo Packaging Machinery, you can package vegetables and fruits in boxes, with an outer layer of transparent film to isolate them from potential contamination through repeated handling or damage. Fanpo provides a complete set of fully automated production lines for packaging such products. Additionally, to cater to small businesses, we offer a semi-automatic small box sealing machine.
flow packing machine wrap packing machine
Packaging machine for Fluids including Gels Thick Creams and Sauces
Gels, thick creams, and sauces share the common characteristic of viscosity, with some even containing suspended particles. Packaging these products requires addressing dispensing speed to meet production capacity while ensuring cleanliness at the sealing point to maintain packaging integrity. In such cases, Fanpo offers packaging machines that use high-pressure gas to facilitate the rapid and thorough filling of materials into bags, bottles, and more. Additionally, we incorporate agitation systems to prevent particle settling in the dispensing container.
premade pouch packing machine for liquid filling and sealing
flexible packaging machine for liquid packing
vertical semi-fluid packing machine
packing machines to the Dust Issue in Powder Handling
The issue of powder dust has long been a concern for business owners. Dust from packaging can affect the quality of package sealing, impact the health of production floor workers, or infiltrate machines, causing premature lubricant degradation and accelerating the aging of machine components. To address these issues, Fanpo offers an innovative solution. We secure a vacuum dust collector at the discharge port of the feeding screw, effectively capturing tiny airborne dust particles. For packaging methods that require heat sealing, we have also introduced a dust-beating device to remove dust particles from the sealing area just before sealing, ensuring the packaging bags' sealing performance.
stand-up pouch machine industrial packaging
powder packaging machine for food powders
powder filling machine small packing
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