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tablet bottle filling system

The bottle filling system is capable of accommodating various bottle sizes within the specified capacity range. It features one-touch operation, allowing immediate use upon startup, and facilitates the change of bottle types without the need for additional accessories.
Product Features
bottle filling system

The bottle filling system ensures accurate measurement with a quantitative error of ±2 milliliters, exceeding the measurement standard by 50%. Each filling head is equipped with an independent control switch and individual fine-tuning. The filling process dynamically displays the progress of each fill.

Compatibility and Material:

Compatible with various capacities ranging from 500 milliliters to 5 liters and 5 liters to 30 liters. The material in contact with the product is made of food-grade 304# stainless steel for hygiene and food safety.

Filling Head Configuration:

Each filling head is equipped with an independent vacuum suction device, and nozzle grease is uniformly recovered to prevent dripping. Dual-speed filling for stability and accuracy, minimizing foaming for precise filling.

High-Power Pump and Filtration:

Equipped with a self-configured 2.5 kW, 30 tons/hour high-power pipeline pump for automatic material suction. The inlet is equipped with a bag-type filter, and the entire machine operates for 10,000 hours without consumables.

Automatic Touchscreen Control:

Fully automatic touchscreen control with an independent LCD display for operation. Real-time adjustments can be made with only one operator.

Other specifications and parameters
heads quantity
cap screwing speed600- 8001800- 25003000- 3500
error range500
power supply380V/ 220V,  50Hz
380V/ 220V,  50Hz
380V/ 220V,  50Hz
air pressure0.6- 0.8Mpa
0.6- 0.8Mpa
0.6- 0.8Mpa
filling range (mL)500- 5000500- 5000
5000- 30000
dimensions (mm)1600× 1600× 22002100× 1800× 23002600× 1800× 2300

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