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commercial vacuum sealer for food double chamber mobile vacuum packaging machine

Vacuum nitrogen filling packaging machine with two working chambers, suitable for vacuum and ammonia packaging of larger quantities of products. Ideal for puffed food, fried food, local specialties, solid, powder, pharmaceuticals, and various liquid and chemical raw materials.
Product Features

First, check if the equipment can function properly and place the finished product at the sealing bar.

Lower the upper working chamber, and the equipment will automatically complete the vacuum packaging process according to the programmed sequence.

Open the packaging bag and place it on the sealing bar, then start the packaging cycle.

Thickened stainless steel body: The entire machine is constructed with thickened stainless steel plates, with a body thickness of 1 millimeter. The vacuum chamber and cover are made of 3-millimeter thick plates, ensuring durability and a long lifespan.

Multi-pack vacuum for increased efficiency: The larger vacuum chamber design allows for packaging more products in a single cycle, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

Independent porous heat dissipation: The machine features multiple heat dissipation holes that can work simultaneously, utilizing the circulation effect of the fan to effectively dissipate heat and extend the lifespan of the vacuum pump.

Other specifications and parameters



three phase 380V/50HZOR 220V/50HZ
Power of pump
Heat-sealing power
Lowest absolute pressure
Chamber Dimension
Seal bar sizes
Number of heater
2 each chamber
vacuum pump
2*20 m³/h or 3*20 m³/h
material of vacuum caseand hull
Stainless steel

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