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shrink wrapping

The sealing and cutting knife of the shrink wrapping machine adopts a Teflon coating, which is resistant to sticking, high temperature, and ensures that the seal does not crack, caramelize, or produce smoke. It is non-polluting. The sealing frame is made of high-quality alloy steel, ensuring the frame is not easily deformed.
Product Features

shrink wrapper
Other specifications and parameters
режим уплотняющей резкиEdge rolling enclosed
Источник питания380V/50-60Hz/3phase
Bag height ≤125mm
Bag width ≤600mm
Bag sizes Width+height≤620mm
Bag length unrestricted
Packing speed varies with bag length
Тип пленкиPOF folded film, PE folded wrap
Max film sizes750mm(width) ×280mm(outer diameter)
Power load 11.5kW
Oven dimensions 1400mm(L),inlet 680(W)×320(H)mm
Conveyor belt speed Adjustable, 40meter/min
Conveyor belt Chain conveyor, silicone coated roller sleeve
Workstation height 750-820mm
Compressed air pressure ≤0.5MPa(5 bar)
sealing cutting temperature controlled system, easy blade replacement, smoke free and odorless sealing and cutting
HMI Eview colored touch screen
Sheet metal Carbon steel
Machine weight 900kg
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