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Horizontal vacuum packing machine two films sandwiching food vacuum forming machine caterpillar tracks vacuum sealing machine 520-572

Used for vacuum and gas packaging of various foods, meat products, seafood, fruits, vegetables, pickles, chilled meat, pharmaceutical products, hardware components, medical equipment, etc.
Product Features

Controlled by Mitsubishi programmable controller, equipped with F-series or A-series large touchscreen, using Mitsubishi servo or frequency conversion, all electrical components are from Japan, Europe, Taiwan, etc. The machine has comprehensive safety protection features.

Equipped with high-sensitivity three-color label photoelectric sensor imported from the United States, accurately positioning the pattern on the colored film, reducing packaging defects, and improving product quality.

Easy mold replacement, versatile functionality.

Can be equipped with an automatic coding system or inkjet system according to user product packaging requirements.

Equipped with a world-class original German vacuum pump for high vacuum degree and stable quality.

Uses a German imported frog-type chain to ensure strong clamping force, precise transmission, and long service life.

Equipped with a corner waste recovery system to maintain environmental hygiene.

Adopts an advanced independent cross-cutting and longitudinal cutting system for easy replacement.

Built-in automatic fault alarm system, promptly indicating the cause of the fault and automatically stopping operation, making the equipment more user-friendly.

Independent lifting system with fast speed, strong rigidity, and low failure rate.

Uses a dedicated motion module for film feeding, ensuring high speed, smooth operation, and precise positioning.

Equipped with an automatic safety protection device; when the protective cover is removed, the equipment automatically stops running to ensure the operator's safety.

The system has an automatic memory reset function to avoid significant waste of film and products due to sudden power outages causing misalignment of film stepping.

Other specifications and parameters

Three-phase four-wire 380V/50Hz15kw
vacuum degree
Upper film width
Compressed Air
Lower film width
Compressed air flow
Working size
8-10 time/min
Overall weight
Pumping speed
Average power
Seal width
Peak power

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