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15 2024-02

What are the thin film materials used in packaging bags?

Packaging bags are typically made of composite films, where multiple materials are layered and combined. Bags made from a single material are also common, but they must possess heat-sealing properties, such as PE and CPP films.
17 2024-01

pre-made pouch packing machine maintenance and operation

how to operate and maintain the pre-made pouch packing machine and other matters needing attention.
02 2024-01

potato chips seasoning process

02 2024-01

smaller is better as global packaging growth is shaped by variation in pack sizes

Based on Statista's data for the year 2022, the snack market revenue in the United States is approximately $160.48 billion.
16 2023-11

What fillers can be integrated with a preformed pouch packing machine

the preformed pouch packing machine can be equipped with various fillers, depending on the characteristics of the filling material.
16 2023-11

How is the weighing of granular items done on a packaging machine

In addition to multihead weighers, a lower-cost alternative is to use a cup volumetric filler, which also has a contraction and expansion function to adjust the volume of the material.
15 2023-11

multihead weigher working principal

The basic working principle of an electronic scale involves using pressure or strain sensors to measure the gravitational force acting on an object. This gravitational force value is then converted into an electrical signal, and finally processed digitally through electronic components.
15 2023-11

The principle of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment

Reverse osmosis equipment can filter bacteria, viruses, colloids, organic substances, and over 98.5% of dissolved salts in water. This method is characterized by low operating costs, simple operation, high automation, and stable water quality in the treated water. Compared to other traditional water treatment methods, it has significant advantages and is widely used in industries related to water treatment.
29 2023-08

Is Consuming Food Enclosed in inflated Packaging Safe

Bulging or bloated food packaging often occurs due to the presence of bacteria, especially those found in perishable foods, which produce gases like carbon dioxide. Some of these microbes can spoil food, while others might lead to foodborne illnesses. The primary reason behind packaging bloating is inadequate refrigeration, which allows bacteria to proliferate within food, leading to the production of gas.