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05 2024-05

How to choose a food vacuum packaging machine

To attract more consumers to taste a variety of regional flavors, snacks are increasingly adopting exquisite packaging. Among them, food vacuum packaging machines have become the preferred equipment for food packaging due to their unique advantages. This article will analyze in detail the key points for selecting a food vacuum packaging machine to help you choose the most suitable equipment.
01 2024-05

Application of food additives

Food additives play a vital role in the modern food industry. Although they account for less than 2% of food, they play an indispensable role in improving the color, aroma and taste of food, adjusting the nutritional structure, improving processing conditions and extending the shelf life. On the dazzling array of food shelves in supermarkets, in the ingredient lists of various processed foods, these food additives are everywhere.
30 2024-04

The fast food industry is experiencing a robust growth momentum.

According to detailed data recently released by China Reporting Hall website, Chinese fast food, as an important part of our country's catering industry, has won the favor of a large number of office workers with its convenient and rapid characteristics. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese fast food market still demonstrates strong vitality, with the market size increasing year by year, the number of chain stores steadily growing, and the pace of digital transformation accelerating.
29 2024-04

Production and Processing of Xinjiang Jujubes

Xinjiang's jujubes are exceptionally sweet because during their growth, they are not only nourished by the snow water from the Kunlun Mountains and the Tianshan Mountains, but also absorb a large amount of minerals. Additionally, with the fresh and unpolluted air there, and with few occurrences of pests and diseases, Xinjiang's jujubes can be considered a gift from nature, being pure and natural healthy food.
28 2024-04

Characteristics and Functions of Plastic Packaging Bags

This plastic packaging boasts excellent transparency, superior resistance to high and low temperatures, outstanding physical structural strength, and excellent ecological insulation properties. Additionally, it can provide superior sealing effectiveness and radiation resistance. Moreover, the product combines good operational qualities with convenient product demonstration. Let's appreciate this detailed product description and assess the unique charm of this product.
27 2024-04

Frozen food packaging

As the pace of life accelerates, more and more people choose convenient and fast food to meet their daily dining needs. In this context, the quality and applicability of quick-frozen food packaging bags have become particularly critical. This article will explore how to choose the ideal quick-frozen food packaging bag.
26 2024-04

How to Choose Packaging Machinery

Fully automatic packaging machines enable easy achievement of high levels of automation, significantly reducing production cycles and greatly increasing speed compared to manual packaging, while also reducing material consumption. This means higher output and greater levels of operational efficiency. Additionally, these machines utilize precision manufacturing processes, effectively avoiding human errors and ensuring that each product meets stringent quality requirements, thereby enhancing the product's market competitiveness.
25 2024-04

Potato chip production and packaging

Whether considering product quality or economic benefits, the gas-filled packaging bag method is the preferred solution in the potato chip packaging industry. In future development, we believe that this technology will be more widely used and bring a better shopping experience to consumers.
24 2024-04

New trends in nut packaging

In recent times, with the growing awareness of environmental conservation, many businesses have joined the sustainable packaging movement. This phenomenon not only signifies an unprecedented transformation in the packaging industry but also highlights the proactive response of major companies to social responsibility. This article will explore the current status and future trends of sustainable packaging from multiple perspectives.
23 2024-04

Overview of Various Food Production Techniques

Dairy products boast excellent quality and a wide variety. These include solidified probiotic yoghurt, low-fat yoghurt, sugar-free yoghurt, and fruit-flavored yoghurt, among others. Additionally, there are several series such as packaged strawberry yoghurt, sweet milk, and cocoa milk. Liquid milk, on the other hand, is fresh milk produced by healthy cows, which undergoes effective heating and sterilization before being packaged and sold for consumption. According to the International Dairy Federation (IDF), liquid milk encompasses three main types of dairy products: pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, and acidophilus milk. Liquid milk has a complex chemical composition, consisting of at least 100 different components, primarily composed of water, fat, phospholipids, proteins, lactose, inorganic salts, and more.
22 2024-04

Pre-made pouches and their pre-made pouch packaging machine

Since the beginning of the 21st century, we have witnessed the widespread dissemination and popularization of environmental protection concepts globally. Consumers' awareness of and demand for environmental protection have been gradually increasing. They are no longer satisfied with simple product functionalities; instead, they place more emphasis on the environmental friendliness and sustainability of products. This brings new opportunities and challenges to our industry of form-fill-seal packaging machines!
21 2024-04

Meet all your various needs: the stand-up pouch packing machine

Since 1850, it has begun to emerge. That year, a significant drop in global paper prices allowed paper packaging to be widely used in the food industry. Subsequently, in 1852, Mr. Walter, an American, successfully developed a paper bag machine, marking the arrival of the mechanical era of paper products. In 1861, Germany established the world's first packaging machinery factory, and in 1911, it introduced the first fully automatic forming, filling, and sealing machine.
20 2024-04

widely used in the food industry the granule packaging machine

Since the reform and opening up of China, the packaging machinery manufacturing industry has made significant progress, not only optimizing the domestic industry structure but also shining on the international stage. This article will review the development process and current situation of China's packaging machinery industry, analyze existing challenges, and look forward to future trends.
19 2024-04

Developing Food Packaging Machine

Since 1850, paper packaging has been used for food packaging due to the sharp fall in paper prices. In 1852, Mr. Wally from the United States invented the paper bag making machine, which created the age of paper machines.
18 2024-04

small powder packing machine

In the rapidly evolving global industry and with increasing demands for product quality, automatic packaging equipment has become an indispensable assistant for many manufacturers in enhancing productivity and product quality. Particularly in the field of powder industries, the use of small powder automatic packaging machines is becoming increasingly common. Here, we are pleased to provide you with a detailed analysis of the operating principle, unique advantages, and the significant role that such small powder automatic packaging machines play in actual packaging processes.