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horizontal flow wrapper machine

Anti-pinch vegetable roll wheel conveyor table, adjustable product height at will, sealing for the back of the product. Continuous punching machine (customizable). Automatic sensing vegetable length cutting knife device.
Product Features

Integrated control panel with visual display output, reinforced protective cabinet with visible glass for an intuitive presentation of the machine operation process. The heat shrink film pillow-type packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of products in daily necessities, food, hardware, lighting, and other industries. It can automatically film the products, saving materials and improving packaging efficiency.

Other specifications and parameters
Model No. DZB-300C
Packet Length 65-330mm
Packet width 30-110mm
Packet height 5-40mm
Vertical & horizontal seal strength ≥14
Packing speed 120-300packa/min
Power load 220V、50Hz、2.9Kw
Machine weight 800kg
Machine dimensions 3500 x900x1500mm
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