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stand-up pouch machine industrial packaging

The stand-up pouch machine can be paired with a vacuum cleaner, and at the bag opening station, it features a powder-leveling and tapping device. It utilizes a screw mechanism for precise measurement and discharge of the powder.
Product Features
Stand-up pouch machine
  • The stand-up pouch machine fully automates the entire production process, encompassing material feeding, automatic bag retrieval, date printing, bag opening, precise filling, heat sealing, and finished product output.
  • It utilizes an advanced PLC interface for easy operation, high precision, fast speed, and stable performance.
  • Automatic detection feature: If a bag is not opened or not opened completely, it will not add material or heat seal, allowing the bag to be reused, thus saving on production costs.
  • The machine can accommodate a wide range of bag widths, which can be easily adjusted, saving time during operation.
  • Safety features: The machine provides an alarm in case of abnormal working air pressure or heating tube failure.
  • The machine adheres to food processing machinery hygiene standards by using stainless steel or other materials compliant with food hygiene requirements for parts that come into contact with the product or packaging, ensuring food safety and hygiene standards are met. This makes it suitable for packaging corrosion-resistant chemical products and more.
  • It can package a wide range of materials, including multi-layer composite films, polyester/polyethylene, polyester/aluminum foil/polyethylene, paper/polyethylene, offering versatile packaging options.
Other specifications and parameters
Model typeV8-220
premade bag styleStand-up pouches, handle bags, ziplock bags, four-side seal bags, three-side seal bags, paper bags, and other composite bags.
Bag sizesbag width: 70-250mm,  bag length: 70-380mm
Packing speed20-50bags/min
Filling accuracy≤±1-2%
Power load4Kw
Paired metering equipmentBowls conveyor, liquid pump
Workstationeight workstations: 1. bag feeding,  2. printing production date, 3. bag opening, 4. material feeding, 5. vacuum extraction, 6. heat sealing, 7. shaping & output
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