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case Thermo sealer container seaming machine

Position the box inside the frame of the case Thermo sealer and with a simple one-button operation, complete the box sealing process, making it suitable for small business owners.
Product Features
box Thermo sealer

main features of the box Thermo sealer

  • Intelligent constant temperature setting, monitoring sealing temperature for secure seals.
  • High-quality pressure gauge for automatic pressure control and moisture filtration.
  • Automatic box ejection system for easy removal.
  • 304 stainless steel body for durability and hygiene.
  • Utilizes components from renowned brands.
  • High-integration control system for easy operation and stable performance.
  • Food-grade aluminum mold, resistant to corrosion and pressure, ensuring no deformation.
  • Equipped with ground fault protection.
  • Fault indication function.
  • container sealer is Widely used in food processing plants and for food delivery services.
Other specifications and parameters
Model number520B
Packing speed600-900boxes/hour
Power supply220v,  2.5Kw
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