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bottle filling and capping machine

Bottle filling and capping machine designed for cream-based cosmetics in bottles, commonly used in conjunction with a capping machine.
Product Features
bottle filling machine
The fully automatic bottle filling and capping machine utilizes the piston dosing principle, with bottle infeed, positioning, filling, and bottle ejection all automatically controlled by a PLC system, meeting GMP standards. It is suitable for liquid filling in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, pesticides, and fine chemicals.
  • Touchscreen-based user interface.
  • Filling with a single piston moving up and down, effectively preventing foam formation.
  • The filling accuracy can reach ±1%.
  • The filling cylinder is treated with grinding, featuring a unique filling valve design to prevent leaks.
  • No bottle, no filling.
  • Different positioning devices are designed based on the actual bottle conditions.
  • The equipment is easy to clean, tool-free assembly and can be cleaned online or sterilized at high temperatures.
  • PLC programmable control, using German Siemens.
  • Pneumatic components are from Taiwan Airtac.
  • The equipment's outer casing is made of SUS 304# stainless steel.
  • Equipped with a glass protective cover that complies with hygiene and safety standards.

Note: The filling range and speed can be designed with different numbers of filling heads according to customer requirements

Other specifications and parameters
filling volume100-1000mL (customizable)
filling speed10-20bottles/min
power supply220v
motor power load2.0Kw
air consumption4Kg × 30L
dimensions2000 × 1000 × 1800mm

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