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protein powder packing machine

This protein powder packing machine can be optionally equipped with an auto in-feeding system, which can be triggered either at regular intervals or after a specified number of bags have been produced. If there is no powder in-feed, the machine will automatically stop. Additionally, the machine can be programmed to halt production after a specified number of bags have been produced
Product Features

this powder packing machine is designed for filling powders, including milk powder, glucose, protein powder, cocoa powder, coffee powder, rice powder, flour, solid drink mixes, chili powder, wheyprotein and so on. The open modular design of this protein powder packing machine facilitates easy cleaning and sanitation through a straightforward procedure. The use of environmentally friendly construction parts ensures that products are kept free from pollution or spoilage. The impact design of the machine minimizes unnecessary contact with external materials. This guarantees the safety of users during operation, cleaning, and maintenance.

protein powder packing machine
  • Equipped with superior PLC system, ease of operation, automated in forming, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, and printing.
  • Photo eye tracking device, ensure graphics on bag clean and integrated, use film traverse intermittent motor to control and locate on film, if failed in tracking the machine will stop, reliable functionality, easy to operate, and accurate in inspection.
  • All material contact parts are 304 stainless steel, meet the food quality regulations.
  •  It can produce 3 sides, 4 sides sealing style bags as well as pillow style bags
  • A high precision auger filler driven by a servo system, it is user friendly and excels in accurate metering.
  • The utilization of cutting edge technology makes this machine suitable for a broad spectrum of  production requirements, offering ease of adjustment, operation, and maintenance.
  • It is suitable for packing free-flowing powders into fixed volume bags, 
  • Bag length, Filling speed and filling weight can be set on screen. the screen can automatically go to sleep when it is idle. the PLC can store up to 20 configurations of production parameters for late use
  • This protein powder packing machine equipped with a vibrator system
  • The machine features a jog function, allowing it to move incrementally with each click on the screen.
  • The film pulling speed can be customized.
  • You can adjust the bag length and filling weight on the screen, the packing process will automatically stop if there is no film available.
  • If there is no powder in-feed, the machine will stop automatically, you can also set the machine to stop after a specified numbers of bags have been produced.
  • Sealing jaws temperature indication and setting system.
  • Bag counter with an reset functionality, the counter allows you to set an alert for the specified number of produced bags.

Other specifications and parameters
Packing speed
30-50 bags/min
Bag capacity (mL)
Bag length
Bag width
Film width
1000× 880× 1800mm

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