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Modified Atmosphere Tray Sealer Vacuum Packaging Machine boxes Sealing Machine with Gas flushing

Utilizes Xinje PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), Xinje 7-inch color simulation touchscreen, Chint electrical components, Taiwanese Airtac magnetic cylinders, and Airtac solenoid valves.
Product Features

The film feeding system adopts a high-speed and high-precision film positioning design, and utilizes imported Omron photoelectric tracking with system control.

The 6061 aluminum alloy mold can also be custom surface oxidized according to your needs.

The automatic film feeding system uses motor conveyance and PLC control, completely solving the traditional packaging machine's manual film pulling troubles. It saves packaging materials and reduces labor.

The whole machine adopts a 304 frame, which is not easy to deform and ensures more reliable use.

The equipment is equipped with warning and protection systems for power phase loss, reverse phase, high and low voltage, and leakage, facilitating the use and adjustment by operators.

Other specifications and parameters

Maximum width of rolled film(mm)
Maximum diameter of rolled film(mm)
Packing speed
3-4 bag/min
220v 50hz single phase
Machine Dimension(mm)

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