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Pneumatic driven floor-standing modified atmosphere boxes sealing machine for food packing with nitrogen flushing

Replaceable molds with configurable shapes, using replaceable molds that better suit the user's product upgrades. This allows one device to be used for sealing trays of various specifications. Users can change the mold shape according to the packaging needs of the product. The shape can be configured based on the user's selected packaging box.
Product Features

Efficiency doubled with multiple boxes sealed at once.

Modified atmosphere preservation refers to a technology that, based on low-temperature storage, artificially changes the gas composition in the environment to achieve the purpose of preserving meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Professionally developed modified atmosphere preservation, with a specialized design team, independently developed stable and efficient programs to eliminate equipment operational failures and reduce downtime risks.

"All accessories are from well-known domestic and international brands, ensuring stable product performance. This series of equipment is widely applicable to fresh and cooked meats, seafood, pastries, and dairy products."

Modified atmosphere packaging has the characteristics of preserving freshness, quality, color, shape, and taste of food.

Other specifications and parameters

Maximum width of rolled film
Maximum diameter of rolled film
Packing speed
3-4 bag/min
380v 50hz three phase

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