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packaging machine for 2050g ice cubes

To automate the packaging machine for the 2050g ice cubes (with ice cubes measuring 2.5 cm in diameter and 4-4.5 cm in height) with a bag size of 2250x340mm, along with the cup filler and Z-shaped conveyor:

The packaging machine should be equipped with a sensor or level detector inside the ice cube storage bin or hopper to monitor the ice cube level.

When the sensor detects a sufficient amount of ice cubes in the bin, it will automatically trigger the packaging machine to start.

If the sensor determines that the ice cube level is low or there are no ice cubes in the bin, it will signal the packaging machine to stop working, ensuring that the machine remains idle when there are no ice cubes available.

This automation process will allow the packaging machine to work autonomously, starting and stopping based on the presence or absence of ice cubes in the storage bin.