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horizontal flow wrap machine for biscuits Dates flow wrappers for candies

The adjustable bag former automatically forms the packaging bag. For packaging items of different sizes, simply rotate the bag former handle to complete the product variety change
Product Features

Feeding device, reducing friction during product feeding that may cause damage, and ensuring smoother product feeding.

Heat-press center sealing area, heating on both sides with a rotating disc for sealing, providing sealing on the back of the packaging product, ensuring tightness.

Cursor photocell, using a highly sensitive cursor photocell for accurate tracking of film color blocks, effectively eliminating film deviation during the wrapping process.

End sealing and cutting area, rotating constant temperature heat-sealing cutter for sealing the packaging product and avoiding edge curling or holes in the sealing position.

Material dropping mechanism, automated material dropping design, effectively ensuring production efficiency.

Other specifications and parameters

packing speedUp to 200 products per minute Up to 40 m/min film speed Product and film characteristic may affect machine output
Package cut-off length
Product width
Product height
Reel diameter
Core diameter
Packaging film width
film roll weightmax. 25KG
Power usage
Machine weight
blade cutterrotary cutter
Machine dimensions
Motor configuration
Dual servo
Optional Device
date printer, auto feeder, gas charger, etc.

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