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pouch sealing machine spout pouch filling

The pouch sealing machine, when combined with multiple feeding heads, greatly enhances production efficiency, operates at high speeds, and requires minimal floor space.
Product Features

pouch sealing machine uses a PLC intelligent control system from a well-known international brand to ensure stable operation.

It allows for adjusting operational parameters on-the-fly without the need for shutdown.

It supports multiple bag loading, with a capacity of up to 200 bags. The machine can automatically load and open bags.

For liquid products,  it features functions for agitation and heating. Precise metering is achieved using a piston pump for each filler.

Electrical components are sourced from internationally recognized brands, ensuring durability, and with ample spare parts availability.

The sealing process employs dual-stage heat pressing, guaranteeing precise sealing, preventing gas or material leakage.

This machine appears to offer high automation and precision, making it suitable for packaging liquids and granular materials.

Other specifications and parameters
Model namePPH230PPH250
Output mode3 in one row4 in one row
Packing speed (bags/min)30-11030-140
Power supply380V(3phases, 50Hz, 60Hz)380V(3phases, 50Hz, 60Hz)
Power load5Kw6Kw
Packet sizesW70-100mm, L110-230W90-140mm, L100-250
Overall dimensions2150× 1350× 1300mm
2600× 2500× 1680mm

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