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carton machine

The carton machine automatically retrieves a sheet of paper, folds it into a carton box, injects the menu, and glues the carton.
Product Features
  • The casing of this carton machine is constructed from 304 stainless steel and acrylics, allowing for easy maintenance.
  • It eliminates the need to exchange molds when dealing with paper box of different dimensions, making it simpler to adjust the mold position to accommodate a wide range of boxes.
  • production speed and count are prominently displayed
  • for cases when manual folding  is required with the box, this machine offers the option to include the manual folding device.
  • it utilizes a German SICK photoelectric eye to automatically detect products and initiate the operations, this ensures synchronization between the box conveyance and manual feeding, achieving seamless joint packaging
  • The main motor is equipped with clutch brake to prevent damage in case of torque overloading or foreign objects jamming, it automatically disengages the motor from the rest transmission parts.
  • The machine also provides options to include the steel stamp or inkjet printing, which are fully configurable to meet specific requirements.
Other specifications and parameters
VoltageAC380 (3phase 5lines)
Power load1.5Kw
Production capacity20-80boxes/min
Air pressure0.5-0.8Mpa
Air consumption20m³/hour
Paper box requirements300-4g/m²
Max  box dimensions400×280×120mm(LWH)
Min box dimensions150×20150×15mm(LWH)
Machine dimensions4100×1480×2000mm

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