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cream injection machine cream filling machine for egg rolls or cream puffs rolled cake rolled omelette

The cream injection machine is utilized to inject cream or other fillings into egg rolls or other food items.
Product Features

The cream injecting machine comprises a conveying mechanism, a core lateral movement mechanism, a pressure mechanism, a rotor pump filling mechanism, and a barrel stirring mechanism. The equipment is equipped with three sensors: the first sensor controls the precise positioning of the conveyor belt, the second sensor detects the presence of products, and it will not work if the product count is insufficient. The third sensor checks whether the barrel has material. The conveyor belt has limited-position pushers, and each pusher can hold 3 egg rolls or one cream puff. Six pusher blocks form a group, and one group is injected at a time.

  • The injection head is replaceable.
  • The injection mode can be switched between fixed-point injection and edge-retreat injection mode.
  • This machine can be equipped with a cream lifting pump to inject material into the feeding barrel.
  • The barrel is equipped with adjustable sensors to monitor the horizontal position of cream.
  • The pressure and injection speed of the infusion pump can be adjusted through the touch screen.
  • All components of the machine are detachable for easy cleaning.

Other specifications and parameters

Production capacity:40pcs/min



Materials:316SS(food contact parts),304SS(machine shell)

Power supply:220V

Power load:2Kw

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