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automatic packing machine for powder filling

the automatic packing machine can be customized with a punching and cutting module to produce various shapes of seals, featuring easy-to-tear notches and different patterns, commonly including mesh, crosshatch, and stripes.
Product Features
automatic packing machine

Designed for packaging the following products:

  • washing powder
  • tea leaves
  • seasonings
  • coffee beans
  • instant mixes

 stick pack machine features:

  • photoelectric eye are used for precise film positioning before cutting, ensuring the graphics on the bag remain intact.
  • servo motors are employed for film pulling, ensuring the flatness of the film and maintaining a consistent film transporting distance.
  • all part that come into contact with food are made of SS304 or other materials that comply with food hygiene requirements.
  • with its advanced design, this packaging machine is well-suited for a diverse array of industries, it is user-friendly, allowing for easy operation, adjustment, and maintenance.
  • This system can handle a wide variety of film types, such as PET, PET+PE, PET+AL+PE, PET+aluminum-coated film + PE, and Paper+PE, all of which are heat-sealable laminated film types.
  • it incorporates a well-known brand PLC and a user-friendly colored touch screen.
  • It can automatically complete the processes of bag-making, measuring, filling, inflating, sealing, cutting, counting, and coding. Additionally, it can be equipped with punching according to customer requirements.
Other specifications and parameters
lanes2-8 lanes
packing speed50cuttings/min ( max )
bag sizesW17-65mm, L50-180mm
film width280mm (max)
fillervolumetric cup
air pressure0.8Mpa
air consumption0.8m³/min
power load3.5Kw

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