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film wrapping on both side vacuum forming sealing machine continuous vacuum packing machine

The lower film, inside the forming mold, undergoes heating and stretching, shaping it into a groove identical to the mold. Using the working principle of top blowing and bottom suction in the forming mold, it shapes the container. It then moves forward to the loading area where products are manually placed. Next, it advances to the sealing section, where the equipment automatically vacuums, seals, and releases air. It continues to the cross-cutting area, where the combination of upper and lower cross-cutting knives, along with pressurized airbags, horizontally separates each column of products. Moving forward to the rotary vertical cutting knife, it vertically separates each product, turning them into individual units. Each product is then directed to subsequent processes through a feeding hopper or conveyor. The waste edges of the film on both sides are suctioned into the waste bin through the waste suction system equipped with the device.
Product Features

The lower film device adopts an induction-type automatic brake and tensioning system, equipped with a lateral adjustment handle to adjust the running direction of the packaging film at any time. The lower film is generally stretch film and needs to be stretched for shaping.

The shaping and heat-sealing mechanism of the lifting device for the shaping and heat-sealing molds adopts a pneumatic lever-type independent lifting and self-locking system. Multiple embedded heating tubes enhance uniform heating temperature.

Control system: Our company uses Siemens control system with a 10-inch color simulation screen, coupled with an aluminum-magnesium alloy rotating cantilever control box that can rotate 320 degrees.

Vacuum heat sealing system: The vacuum heat sealing workspace adopts an independently designed prompt system, ensuring no deformation or displacement under strong sealing pressure.

Upper film device: It uses a Bonner sensor from the United States, coordinated with the PLC control system. When using color film, it ensures accurate alignment of the upper film pattern with the packaging material.

Coding system: Can be equipped with an automatic coding or inkjet coding system according to customer requirements.

Vertical/horizontal cutting system: The horizontal cutting knife is a single and adjustable independent cutting system. PLC program control, sturdy and durable serrated cutting, intelligently adjustable on the touchscreen. The vertical cutting blade is sharp with a modular design.

Other specifications and parameters

90% food grade 304 stainless steel + 10% aluminum alloy
Film type
Flexible package with serrated edge
Film width
Step length
Air pressure
Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa, supplied by air compressor which has min 200L gas tank
380V/415V/460V 50HZ/60HZ 3Phase
English/Spanish/Russia/Chinese/Arabia for options
Forming container, put food by hand, vacuum, seal, cut
Vacuum pump
Busch 200m³/h
Overall size(L*W*H)
Mold number
1 mold for standard machine. Able to support maxi 3 molds
Cut system
Cross/rolling cut

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