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commercial vacuum packaging machines

The entire machine is made of thickened stainless steel body, ensuring long-term use without deformation, promoting health and environmental friendliness. Excellent craftsmanship and advanced quality bring you a superior user experience.
Product Features

Vacuum extraction time adjustable from 2 to 99 seconds, allowing for 24-hour continuous operation.

Heat dissipation and exhaust port: when the machine is in operation, the generated heat will be dissipated through the heat dissipation holes, ensuring rapid cooling and extending the machine's usage time.

Other specifications and parameters
Power of pump0.75KW
Heat-sealing power0.5KW
Lowest absolute pressure1.33Kpa
Volume of vacuum case440×420×75
Sealing strip size400×10mm
Number of heater1 or 2 pcs
Exhaustment of vacuum pump20m3/h
material of vacuum case and hullStainless steel
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