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shrinkwrap is referred to as Shrink wrap packaging, it is highly popular nowadays, particularly for high-quality products, enhancing shelf appeal for items like books and electronics on store shelves.
Product Features

A fully automatic flow wrap pack machine, characterized by its high degree of automation, completes the sealing, cutting, shrinking process in one go, ensuring rapid packaging speed and enabling unmanned operation.

  • it is well-suited for various products, featuring adjustable feeding height and width for easy and user friendly adjustment, effectively accommodate a wide range of products.
  • equipped with photoelectric eye for cutting mark tracking, it allows for arbitrary adjustment of bag length, it enables automatic correction of speed, bag length, sealing temperature and other parameters, ensuring the integrity of graphics on the bag during operation.
  • The PLC touchscreen panel features digital display, utilizing PLC control, servo controllers, temperature control modules, and solid-state relay components for touchscreen control. The digital display allows for accurate adjustment of various parameters, making operation simple and efficient.
  • The 360° rotating sealing and cutting blade ensures a tight and crack-free cut. Employing a specially designed sealing blade, it delivers a secure and crack-resistant seal, reducing the likelihood of blade adhesion and simplifying mechanical design. The high transmission precision and stability, coupled with minimal oil contamination, result in a clean and hygienic machine.
  • reliable in quality, our products have obtained ISO 9001 quality system certification as well as CE international quality system certification
Other specifications and parameters
Max film width 590mm
Max packing speed(depended) 50-120cycles/min
Film thickness 0.03-0.06mm
Bag length 65-350mm
Bag width 25-280mm
Bag height 20-100mm
Power load & voltage 7.8Kw220V/380V 50Hz
Machine dimensions(LHW) 7000 x1200x1500mm
Weight 1000kg
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