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vacuum machine for fresh meat overwrapping plastic boxes film wrapping vacuum machine for fresh fruits

Fully enclosed design, widely applicable to the fresh preservation packaging of various foods such as fresh meat, seafood, and aquatic products. Body packaging effectively inhibits the reproduction speed of bacteria and microorganisms, prevents moisture loss, and extends the shelf life of food; the packaging is beautiful, fully showcasing product characteristics, enhancing product grade, and increasing consumer confidence and trust.
Product Features

PTFE-coated cover plate, aluminum alloy heating plate, fast heating speed, uniform heating, firm film sealing without sticking, heat-resistant, and cold-resistant, stable thermal conductivity.

Simple operation with an intelligent control panel, eliminating manual hassle with a single key, convenient vacuum gauge/vacuum time/cooling time/temperature control/power switch/emergency stop.

Aluminum alloy vacuum chamber with oxidation treatment, pure aluminum ensures corrosion resistance and stability, ensuring operation in humid and harsh environments.

High-quality and thickened stainless steel body, laser-cut and delicately welded, long service life, robust and durable, not deformed.

Industrial-grade pure copper large pump with strong suction, the vacuum pump is the heart of the machine, providing strong vacuum pressure, clean and residue-free, a crucial component that cannot be ignored.

Anti-scald handle, finely crafted to prevent work burns, making opening and closing more convenient, improving efficiency.

Porous heat dissipation, the enclosed chassis has multiple porous heat dissipation holes, ensuring stable long-term operation of the machine.

Stainless steel body, thickened material casting, easy to clean, moisture-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

Thickened exhaust pipe, high temperature resistance, and high impact resistance, tight interface without leakage, rapid air extraction.

Sealing silicone strip, the vacuum chamber is made of aluminum alloy casting, and the sealing strip effectively seals to prevent air leakage.

Chint relay contact switch, circuit breaker, big brand accessories ensuring stable operation.

Other specifications and parameters

Machine size
single 220v 50hz

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