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vacuum chamber machines

Silent design ensures continuous operation without noise. Upgraded noise reduction and sound insulation technology, low power, low decibel improved vacuum pump technology + soundproofing frame significantly improve the noise issue.
Product Features

Five levels of safety ensure peace of mind and confidence in use. Overheat protection + multiple safety protection with multi-point overheating protection function. Filtering device with detachable filter cup for convenient cleaning.

Metal air nozzle made of food-grade 304 stainless steel.

Industry innovation that breaks the difficulty of small machines packaging wet products.

Instant sealing, high-efficiency single-sealing without damage, only takes 3 seconds.

Wide applicability: can individually seal bags, snack bags, and food bags.

Smart prompts: LED flashing sealing duration, reminding when the work is finished.

Good heat dissipation, safe sealing at a temperature up to 300°C, equipped with overheat protection.

Equipped with an oil-water filter cup that can directly filter moisture, suitable for products with a large amount of moisture.

Strong core, fast vacuuming, high vacuum degree, consistently maintaining -0.8 KPA.

Low noise, silk-like sound, low-decibel silent design.

Transformer, copper wire, durable coil industry standard testing, no malfunctions.

Electromagnetic pump, non-contact, bearing-free, long lifespan, maintenance-free.

Other specifications and parameters
Power of pump0.18kw
Heat-sealing power0.4kw
Lowest absolute pressure0.1pa
Volume of vacuum case250*320*120MM
Sealing strip size240*10MM
Number of heater1pcs
Exhaustment of vacuum pump10m3/h
Material of vacuum case and hullplastic
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