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commercial vacuum sealing machine

The product, regardless of size, shape, whether individual or combined, undergoes one-time vacuum skin packaging, achieving a sealed and molded packaging without the need for any molds. Vacuum skin packaging enhances the three-dimensional appearance, making the product clearly visible, effectively elevating the product's perceived value and quality, and extending its lifespan.
Product Features

- Precision film feeding system, easy installation and removal of heat-sealing film, accurate film feeding, and aesthetically pleasing sealing.

- Enclosed chassis design ensures food hygiene and effectively prevents internal equipment damage caused by rodents.

- Unique sliding track baffle design prevents the lower mold from falling, improving production safety and reducing accidents.

- Tool-free mold replacement, advanced mold replacement structure that requires no tools; changing a set of molds takes only 3 minutes.

- High-integration control system for convenient operation. The higher-end the machinery, the higher the integration, with fewer buttons and less manual intervention. The HuiXianBao adopts a high-integration intelligent control system for easy and user-friendly operation.

- Brand new dual-hand inflation shaft film collecting system ensures the horizontal stability of the film, making film replacement simple and accurate without deviation.

- Zhongde vacuum pump, high-quality and high-power brand vacuum pump with pure copper coil, providing strong power and better vacuum effect for longer usage.

- High-quality 6061 anodized aluminum material for mold, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and high-strength.

Other specifications and parameters
Maximum width of rolled film320
Maximum diameter of rolled film220
Packing speed5-6 bag/min
voltage380v 50hz three phase
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