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commercial vacuum pack machine

The commercial vacuum pack machine alternately seals and prepares the bags, earning it the designation of an alternate-working style vacuum packing machine. A worker is required to prepare the bags ready for sealing in its chamber.
Product Features
commercial vacuum pack machine

Microcomputer control panel

Microcomputer based touch-sensitive buttons allow for the pre-programming of the technical parameters required for the packaging material, this enables the seamless execution of vacuum packaging process.

High Power vacuum pump

Utilizing high-quality vacuum pumps ensures outstanding vacuum performance. Employing top-notch electrical components and subjecting the equipment to a 24-hour factory working test guarantees the superior quality upon delivery. This not only extends the equipment's lifespan but also ensures a more stable performance

Expanding the workspace allows simultaneous vacuum packaging of multiple items, enhancing overall efficiency.

Expanding the vacuum chamber design enables the simultaneous vacuum packaging of a larger quantity of products, significantly boosting operational efficiency.

A thickened stainless steel machine body

The entire machine features thickened stainless steel sheeting, with a 1-millimeter thickness for the overall body and a robust 3-millimeter thickness for both the vacuum chamber and vacuum cover. This use of substantial materials ensures durability and an extended lifespan

Stainless steel chamber

The vacuum chamber of this Commercial Vacuum Sealer is crafted through a single stamping process using a stainless steel punch, resulting in a sturdy, durable, and aesthetically pleasing design. The brushed finishing technique adds a touch of sophistication.

Independent safety power switch

It utilizes a branded safety  circuit breaker switch, and a three pronged power plug to effectively ensure the safety of machine operation.

Steel wire hose with copper nozzle for air intake.

Utilizing a steel wire hose capable of withstanding high load of vacuum extraction, the air intake port features a copper nozzle for an expended lifespan.
Other specifications and parameters
Power of pump2.2KW
Heat-sealing power3KW
Lowest absolute pressure0.1Pa
Volume of vacuum case665X525X105mm
Sealing strip size600x10mm
Exhaustment of vacuum pump100m³/h
material of vacuum case and hullStainless steel Flat working table
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