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powder packaging machine for food powders

The metering method of the powder packaging machine employs a screw controlled by a servo motor, primarily governed by microcomputer technology.
Product Features

The powder packaging machine utilizes an advanced PLC computer control system for easy and convenient operation. It incorporates control systems from internationally renowned brands and can automatically complete bag making, metering, filling, inflation, sealing, cutting, counting, coding, and custom hole punching as per customer requirements.

The intelligent photoelectric control device ensures the integrity of packaging bag patterns. Bag pulling is controlled using a step motor and color positioning, which provides stable performance, easy adjustment, and accurate detection.

The entire machine, including components in contact with materials and the casing, is made of 304 stainless steel, meeting food and pharmaceutical hygiene standards.

This machine can produce pillow-style bags, stand-up bags with corner folds, punched bags, and linked bags (5-12 bags). The metering method uses a screw push rod material controlled by a servo motor and microcomputer technology.

The advanced design ensures that this machine is suitable for various industries, providing easy adjustment, operation, and maintenance. It can be paired with various automatic metering equipment, offering a broad range of packaging options.

Other specifications and parameters
Model NumberF420
Bag Length80-300mm
Bag Width80-220mm
Film width180-460mm
Packing speed (bag/min)10-75
Power load2.5Kw
Air pressure0.65Mpa
Air consumption150L/min
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