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vacuum bagging machines

Vacuum packaging machine can seal dry, wet, and powdery products; various fresh and dry goods such as meat, seafood, grains, tea, etc. It performs low-pressure, low-oxygen sealing, delaying the deterioration of food materials, and preserving the original flavor.
Product Features

Compact and lightweight, easy for single-person operation. Small in size, space-saving, suitable for home, supermarkets, restaurants, and takeout. Simple operation, easy to use, high power, leak-proof sealing, automatic heat dissipation, and continuous operation.

High-definition panel, intelligent touch buttons, microcomputer intelligent control, flexible buttons, visible vacuum time, easy monitoring of vacuum level. The buttons are not complicated, with simple and understandable operation. Adjustable sealing time and temperature (low/medium/high).

Widened heating wire, sealing length of 300mm, nickel-chromium alloy heating wire for even and stable heating. Built-in NTC temperature detection, automatically stops when overheated, ensuring safety. Double sealing to prevent air leakage.

Compatible with various vacuum bags, accommodating materials like smooth, cornered, striped, and other common packaging bags. Cost-effective and easy to use.

Strong suction power with a high-power vacuum pump, where the oil pump is a core component. The larger the pressure, the faster the suction. Vacuum level can reach -999mbar, making it easy to vacuum-pack various containers and provide a vacuum environment for food preservation.

Copper suction nozzle, external suction hose interface, comes with a suction hose for external sealing of container lids. Thickened glass cover for the vacuum chamber, resistant to high temperature and pressure, providing clear visibility of the internal working conditions.

Automatic lid presser, opens automatically after sealing, eliminating the need for long-term manual assistance. Ventilation design for effective heat dissipation during machine operation, extending machine life. One-button switch, with independent power switch and power interface for simple operation. Silicone heating strip with chrome-plated heating wire for fast and even heating, resistant to burning.

Other specifications and parameters
Power of pump180w
Sealing length300mm
Sealing width2.5mm
Vacuum chamber size310*320*85
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